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5 Tips For Package Design Research

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1. Lighting: Likely not the first thing to come to mind but it is an important element to consider besides where your product will fall on the shelf. I’ve done several designs for Costco products and they don’t have the best lighting in their store. It would be a challenge to find a package design that uses a dark color scheme among their pallets. Lowe’s also has lighting issues however, I noticed several dark color schemes on their shelves.

2. Current shelf competitors: I like to go in and review the packaging for the product’s current competitors or closest competition. I review every panel of their package along with how the product is displayed. All of this information is helpful to make decisions on how to make the package stand out against competition.

3. Know your customers: You’ll need to decide what attributes are going to appeal to your target market. This detail is important right down to applying the appropriate font sizes. It is beneficial to keep you target market in mind when you are in the retail space.

4. Snap a picture: Take a picture of the shelf space where the product will potentially be displayed. It is helpful to use Photoshop and place the new product and packaging into the environment to help make better decisions regarding the display and design.

5. Colors: I tend to prefer a simple approach with color. I like to review the current color trends and develop a color palette that will best compliment my client’s packaging. I am aware of over populating the packaging with too many colors, too many images and a sea of copy. Doing so risks making the packaging design irrelevant.

If you find you are facing challenges with your packaging, we should chat. If you have any tips of your own to share, please do!


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