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Before and After :: Project Condense

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Businesses re-design their packaging, logos, web sites, and brand identity to reflect the changes in their evolving brand and to keep up with constant change of trends, styles, and consumer needs. This happens to be my favorite design challenge. It excites me to take a design that might feel stale, dated or just not hitting the mark and breathe new life into it.

Personally, I’m addicted to viewing before and after’s. The excitement of the transformation gets me every time. I’d like to share a recent project I’ve worked on with MailBoss, an industry leader in secure mailboxes. We started with a re-vamp of their entire packaging line. With that comes the need to update supporting marketing materials. For this before and after I’m featuring their warranty card.

The before pieces include a half fold brochure featuring several products and accessories in effort to drive additional sales. There was also a yellow insert that included information about the product’s warranty.  The before picture is a snapshot from my project wall. I keep a current project wall above my desk for a visual reminder and quick reference to keep project the objective top of mind.

Condensing information is something I often pursue. In this case, we condensed a half fold brochure and secondary insert into one neat postcard sized piece to compliment their new packaging. The consumer will be able to quickly and clearly digest the targeted information on this card that includes warranty information, accessories for their mailbox, care and maintenance along with reaching customer service.


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