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Is Your Marketing Prepared for the Holidays?

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I’ve recently started getting requests for holiday designs which I love. I am that person who enjoys Christmas music a little too early but, can you blame me? By early, I mean day after Thanksgiving. I’ve had Christmas on my brain for months before the time is actually here.
Since I’m already hearing jingle bells, I thought it would be the perfect time to put a little bell in your ear too. If you haven’t given any thought to this year’s holiday promotions, here are a few things you could do right now to make this holiday merrier:

Reflect: Take a moment to review last year’s promotions. Note what worked well and what didn’t. Were there things you wished you had time to put together last year but time got away? Inventory if there are items that can be repackaged for use in the upcoming season.

Review: Now is a good time to review your branding. Take a look at your logo and branding materials. Do they need a facelift? Do they communicate who you are today or who your customers perceive you as? Are they consistent? It might be an ideal time to introduce a new look.

Refine: Are you confident who your target market is? Hopefully you have a good understanding of who your regular customers are. For some, your target may change slightly during the holiday. Adjust your advertising and marketing campaigns to reach your seasonal audience as well as your regular prospects.

Revamp: Take a good hard look at your website. Make a list of repairs and places that need updating like your photography or your descriptions. How about your homepage? Does it feel fresh and inviting? Putting a little festivity on your site is always welcome. Don’t forget to include your social media outlets.

Reach: If your business isn’t experimenting with social media, expand your reach this holiday season and give it a shot. It is a free and powerful marketing tool. If print media is part of your advertising mix make sure to schedule those holiday submission deadlines now and get started.

Research: Do you have your mind set on creating a beautifully branded holiday gift? This requires a lot of planning. A branded ornament, a logo etched bottle of wine or even your holiday cards require teaming up with great vendors and working out a timeline with them. The earlier you find your vendors, the better. With custom creations comes bumps at times and it is best to have a timeline with a little wiggle room to ensure a great outcome.

Reduce: Holiday stress can be reduced with a little bit of planning ahead. You can eliminate some of that stress by taking a look at your holiday plans now.

If you aren’t feeling the holiday spirit yet, I’m here with bells on!


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