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My Designs Are In Costco!

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I’d like to share a project I worked on that includes package and textile design. I’m thrilled to say that if you find yourself thinking this would be a handy blanket to own that you can purchase this at select Costco’s. Unfortunately, not in Washington. We don’t quite fit the sun and warmth target market.

When I was approached to help define the creative direction on this project, I was happy to tackle the challenge.
We started out by concepting for the pattern development of the blanket. Together, we looked at current home trends and color schemes. We found inspiration from coffee mugs even. I will often look outside the market I am working within for inspiration. It is pretty interesting how a design can be influenced by complimentary markets. Here are some of my favorites from the textile developments:

After rounds of color critiques and minor revisions, a striped design and pattern design was chosen to move forward with.
Next, we started on the package design.

The package needed a space to show what material would be on the product. This was resolved by developing a hang tag that would actually have a piece of fabric as a sample inside. This way the consumer could quickly and easily review the quality and color.

It was important for the package to communicate a few key features:

  • Ease of use: This was translated through the product photography and lifestyle shots. Since the product’s packaging is a wrap band it was also possible for the product to be interactive since the strap hangs freely.
  • Durability: Communicating the product’s quality is a very important item in a Costco Buyer’s eyes. The use of the fabric swatch hang tag, targeted copy and water drip image support key quality offerings on this design.
  • Photography: Through a photography shoot, a series of product photography shots highlight the easy folding blanket while offering recreational use suggestions.

Overall, I was very pleased to be a part of this product’s success.


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