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Is Direct Mail a Waste of Time?

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Nobody sends direct mail anymore. Snail mail is a waste of money. Do you agree? I’ll tell you now that I disagree. Making direct mail a piece of your total marketing plan will help support your overall marketing efforts.

Here are some things to take note of:

  • Your mailbox is less crowded than your inbox.
  • It’s harder to recycle mail without at least looking at it than it is to instantly delete an email.
  • When you check your mail, it is an event. You have to stop what you are doing in your day, you have to plan to check your mail. This means, your mailbox has your undivided attention for a period of time. With your inbox, it is a source of interruption and it runs on it’s own time schedule regardless of what you are doing. That is why timing of your emails is so critical.
  • While sending direct mail is more expensive, if you’re using a targeted mailing list, a strong offer and a call to action then you will have success.
  • Direct mail works well with event planning. Use direct mail to send a save the date that requires recipients to visit a web page to continue their experience and interaction.
  • Consider including an email newsletter opt-in or your social media links on the webpage you are driving the recipients of your direct mail piece to in order to keep them engaged.
  • With direct mail, you are able to purchase a targeted list that fits your target market. You are not able to purchase email lists.
  • If a direct mail campaign doesn’t align with the needs of your business, consider mailing a thank you card when appropriate. Who doesn’t love getting a personalized letter?
  • You can qualify for reduced postage rates depending on your mailing piece and quantity.

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