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I am really enjoying checking my mail box to find all of the holiday direct mail pieces. I will have to admit that I love paper and the printed goods more than the average person. I also tend to respond to direct mail with a purchase more than the emails I receive, but that is just me. We all have people and brands we admire, who influence our thoughts, and that we feel just get things right. I thought it might be fun to give you a look inside my mind and share those that influence me.

Thanks to direct mail, today I’ll share a piece I received from Bath and Body Works. Receiving this piece also confirmed a suspicion I had of a new trend moving forward of pop-ups. This is the second pop-up piece I’ve received this season. The first was from Victoria Secret.

Why I love this piece strategically: A fitting call to action on every page, holiday cheer, creative photography, the coupons are for 2 different dates which extend the life of this mailer’s relevance.

Why I love this piece graphically: The pop up was a great surprise, love the bold stripes, die cut tag coupons, bold colors and graphics with holiday cheer!


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