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Why Creating A Mood Board Guarantees A Better Result


Mood Board: A creative process that enables one to visually translate the direction of style being pursued to help another person or team understand visually.

A brand consists of more than just a logo. A brand needs to be authentic, to transmit a feeling, to support a theme, a copy tone, a color structure and more. So how do you interpret that direction to your designer? You can use a mood board. Through a discussion with my clients, I am able to gather certain details to assemble a mood board that we’ll assemble until it is agreed that the board represents the idea of the brand and the art direction. Once it is finalized, it will become a key part of the brand development. It is almost like a map key that acts as checkpoint to make sure the items created could fit within the mood board and compliment it. Eventually a brand style guide would be developed and the mood board will be replaced.

I love the process of creating a mood board because it forces you to visualize your business and brand past a logo. You’ll have to think of all the things your brand will touch, that will be unique, powerful or supportive to your brand. Doing this in the beginning of your branding process will help everyone make better decision throughout the process. This is how you can guarantee a better result. Do the hard work before the fun work.

Here are a few snapshots of mood boards:

Pinterest offers secret boards now. This is a wonderful site that has an amazing amount of quality inspiration in one place and a great way to start bookmarking items, images, fonts, words or colors you love.

If you’re searching for a way to define your brand, consider a mood board to get your wheels turning. Ask me for help.

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5 thoughts on “Why Creating A Mood Board Guarantees A Better Result

  1. Hi Amie, very nice post!

    An alternative to Pinterest secret boards is the service we’ve just launched: Musepeak ( which has been conceived specifically for professional use. It’s a collaborative tool for creative teams which allows to to build private mood boards, have a conversation upon visual ideas, present the creative direction to clients.

    We’d love to have your expert feedback on! Thanks a lot

    Andrea (Musepeak founder)

  2. Great! Look forward to hearing your comments. Thanks a lot

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