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Rush Jobs Require Wine

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Rush jobs are just that, a rush. It is my personal policy only to accept rush jobs for existing clients because I know them and their brand. Plus, I love my clients and always want to do what I can to help. As we all know there are always exceptions to the rule.

I’ve gotten pretty good over the years to be able to judge a request well before agreeing to hit the ground running. I recently made an exception for Mike with M&M Reality when he called asking for my help with a charity event informational flyer design. Mike called me right as my holiday week was winding down. Definitely a situation to credit good timing. The flyer would need to be distributed by email and print and it was needed yesterday. Mike answered all my questions regarding their needs, provided all their content with super speed and was a great help to making a rush request a happy job. Mike is a client I’d be thrilled to help again and I was so appreciative he felt the same. Even though it was a great rush job, I still had a glass of wine but to celebrate instead of to relax.

Here is a testimonial he wrote about his experience working with me.


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