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Is Your Data List Offending Your Recipients?

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There are many pieces that come together in a marketing promotion that must work together in order to reach the ROI goal. Often times when I’m discussing a new project that deals with data, an issue comes to the surface. When I say data, I am referring to your guarded treasure chest of contact names and contact information that your promotion is targeting. These are the names you’ve likely worked very hard to gather and equally as hard to keep engaged with your brand. I’ve assembled some tips about keeping your data clean.

If you are sending a direct mail piece, you’ll want to be sure the data field you provide is optimized for output in the address field. Common problems that happen are:

  1. Names like “McKormick” often are printed “Mckormick” so you’ll want to communicate to your mail house that you require proper capitalization.
  2. If you are mailing to a business you will want to keep the entire business name in one field in your data list. If your business name is “The Business Group” and the name isn’t isolated in fields correctly it could print, “Business Group, The.”

Those are a couple examples of technical issues that will make an instant impact. People expect their names to be correct and having a perfect mailer arrive with errors in their name can cause them to ignore the entire piece.

In addition to technical issues, there are some other issues to watch for too. Here are some examples:

  1. Investigate your data to find out if it is stale. If you have a list to brides that you want to send an email blast to, look at when you received these names. Brides are only brides for short period so if you are using this list for too long your return will take a dive. Once you know this answer you can tailor your email to speak to you list. Instead of sending an email about a new dress collection, send an email about dress preserving.
  2. If you have a list that is partially stale, you’ll want to clean that up and create a list that removes stale contacts so you are sending your message to people who want to engage and not people who will build frustration towards your brand. This could also reduce their willingness to refer your business.

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