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The Good, Bad & Ugly

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It is almost impossible for me to turn my mind off when design surrounds our lives constantly to not notice things. For me, it is a happy obsession. Today, I’m sharing some of the random design observations I’ve seen the past few days. We’ll start with the good.

Good: Packagedesign

Costco’s environment provides many retail display and package design challenges for the products they sell. Behind the curtain it is a very mathematical process to get everything to fit within the space available, to be able to ship and stack on a pallet. After the details are worked out, the biggest challenge for a product is creating an attractive package design to get sales.
I always applaud companies that take advantage of a small space by using their own packaging to project a bigger display. Take a close look at this display. By using a strategically cropped product photo and placing 2 boxes together, they created a whole image while doubling the size of their product image. Genius, right? I say it is a job well done.


graphic design

Spotting this while getting gas broke my design heart. This is such an unfortunate error. Notice the “th” being half covered? Working with print for so many years I can guarantee that having a great print partner can be priceless. They are a fresh perspective to designs that have had several eyes all over them and all missing the obvious. To a printer with their fresh perspective, it can jump out and scream and when they tell you they caught an error you’ll want to resist the urge to kiss them. With that said, it isn’t the printer’s responsibility to catch errors but when you work a printer that has your back, you’ll keep coming back.



This snapshot is a placement in a restaurant. It bothered me so much after I noticed it that I kept it covered with a plate. The reason it bothered me was because the chosen font looks too close to the Disney font. Brands are sensitive too. Using fonts that echo another brand minimizes the message your brand is trying to translate.

Keep your eyes open and take in all of the designs you see each day. I think you would be surprised what you find. Don’t forget to share it with me!

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