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Mint, Gold & Digging Deep

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Recently, I’ve really been loving the gold and mint color combo. I just can’t get enough of it! That isn’t the only trend I’ve noticed lately. I’ve had some great conversations and client consults that start heading down the path of what they have always done and what they do for their marketing efforts. When I sense an auto-pilot pattern, I start asking questions. I want to know why it has worked, what type of follow up has happened and what type of response they received.  Doing this results in pulling out important details that can be powerful in helping to kick things up a notch. Sometimes it is easier to stick to what you know but the great thing about marketing is the amount of options you have to deliver your message and strengthen your brand. I challenge you to really dig deep into the details of what you do currently and open your mind to a new idea.


One thought on “Mint, Gold & Digging Deep

  1. I’ve been obsessed w/the color mint, also! Love it.

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