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A Brand I Admire

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I have a marketing crush on Umpqua Bank. I might as well admit it. It all started when I received flowers on my door step. Yes, from the bank. We had just moved and a couple weeks later a potted flower pot shows up my door with a very sweet designed card from Umpqua Bank welcoming me to the neighborhood. I must admit that I already had a love for this bank prior to receiving flowers. I read and recommend their book Leading For Growth so I was already tuned into their greatness even before we moved. I decided I would move my business account to Umpqua. I’m so happy I did. They remind me that the experience of a brand holds high value. I feel appreciated as their customer. They spoil me in ways other banks never have. The catch is that I don’t expect these things from them. It always comes off as a surprise and genuine. I’d like to share some examples of my experience banking with Umpqua in hopes it will inspire the way you think about your brand experience. Here are some of the ways they have shown me love:

  • There is a beautiful silver retro phone in their lobby. It is a direct line to the President of the bank. I don’t have a reason to ever call their President but the idea of accessibility is pretty neat.
  • They show love to my 2 year old who often accompanies my bank trips. He enjoys going to the bank because he thinks it is a place that hands out chocolate. Each time you make a deposit, they give you a chocolate coin that I promptly pass back to my little man. Recently they prepared him a special bag of treats and stickers. Yes, a bag! Make a mom’s kid feel special, make the mom happy. Genius.
  • They even remember their customers who are pet lovers. Exiting the bank they have cute bags of dog treats and a water bowl.
  • Instead of the typical writing counter in the lobby, they have a display for products and local businesses. For example, they displayed their client’s olive oils with brochures. They were also available for purchase. Imagine the love that company felt and the loyalty they now have.
  • I went to the bank on a hot summer day to find an ice cream truck waiting for me. My 2 year old was with me so now he thinks he gets chocolate and ice cream. We had a variety of delicious treats to choose from and all they charged was a thank you.
  • Not to be distracted by all the shiny, sugary offerings they lured my heart with but I’m equally impressed with their service and familiar faces. While they are still a bank, they think outside the box.

How can they inspire you to think differently about your business? Just because your competitors do things one way doesn’t mean it is right and it doesn’t mean you have to do it too. I would love to hear your ideas!


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