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Things Change When You Try Something New

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Recently, I’ve felt like I am constantly going. I jump from one thing right into the next. Throw in a two year old, squeeze in some work outs and before I realize it a week has passed. This isn’t a complaint. This is a moment of realization. As good as I am at keeping multiple plates spinning, I’ve been craving some time to let my brain loose.
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Over the past month I started mixing swimming into my workout routine. Swimming is the only activity that I’ve done that doesn’t have built in distractions and it doesn’t have music. You are alone with your thoughts and the sound of the water. After a few laps in a pool, it became obvious to me that I needed to let my brain remember how to be free. I struggled to remain focused only on swimming. It was then I realized how much I let my phone hang over my thoughts and be a distraction. The next day I went for a jog and I was streaming Pandora during my laps. I found that I reacted to the interruption of emails and texts during my jog like my phone would burst in my hand if I didn’t look at it. I deserve a workout all to myself. The emails and texts can certainly wait and I need to let them. I decided that I would start turning my phone to airplane mode during my workouts. This way I can still access my music but texts and emails wouldn’t come through. Boy! What a difference this has made. I gifted myself time to let my brain shut down distraction free. I never expected that my new swimming adventure would open my eyes and make me evaluate how I balance my life.

This trend has continued. I decided I would stop reading so many articles and books on a screen. I filled up my Amazon cart with marketing books. Receiving that box made me giddy. Reading a book is like swimming in the pool. Without reading on a screen, I strip myself of the quick key commands it takes for me to switch over to Pinterest and then back to my article. With a book there is no need to resist the urge of clicking the next appetizing link within the article I am reading and I remain eager to fulfill my desire to continuously learn every page I flip.

I share this with you because these changes feel so small but they have really made a big difference in my daily life. I like to believe I am not alone with these struggles and that you might relate even just a little. I love my phone and have a healthy email addiction considering I am a business owner but I am thankful for my wake up call that came as a perk with trying something new, like swimming.


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