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Are You Trying To Enhance Your Cool Factor?

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I recently consulted a small business owner who was feeling a bit deflated by their marketing efforts. They told me all they needed was a Graphic Designer with a punch. They wanted to hear people rave about their designs and for them to create buzz. The problem was once I started to ask the questions that need answers in order to create this over the moon design for them, the answers weren’t there.

All I need is a great Graphic Designer.

Some might agree, but I strongly disagree. There is a sea full of design talent out there that can kick back some great visuals to make you smile. You’ll hear your colleagues and friends tell you how amazing it is. What is the point of that? Who cares what they think? Okay, we do care. We must remember that they are not the focus of your business.

You need to tackle the challenge of uncovering who your target market is and what makes them respond.

After you have found some clarification, create an offer with a clear call to action to support your promotion. Now you have some meat to build a strong promotion around and something your designer can give a punch to.

As a creative consultant, I am not the go-to designer for a flashy design to enhance your cool factor. I’m your go-to creative to craft a visual message that will appeal to your target market.


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