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Amie Baker Creative is a boutique graphic design studio focused on helping businesses and their brands through visual identities, print design and web design.

The Only Thing Consistent Is Variety

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I never would have been able to guess that I would work on such a variety of projects, learn about so many different industries and most importantly, truly help businesses profit when I graduated college and entered the industry. I have been designing for 9 years now and the journey has never lacked variety or challenges.

It is what fuels my fire and feeds my passion.

Every week I narrow down my projects I focus on. Recently, I’ve been capturing snapshots of those to communicate the range of projects I help my clients with. I’ve come to really appreciate this as a way to focus on my business and the goals I’ve set for myself.

Variety in Design

Here is a snapshot reflection of projects I’ve worked on recently. This snapshot is what made me open my eyes to the variety that is my business. This captures some window design, installation instructions, logo concepting, photo gallery viewing for a website design and products to create website icons.

It is my goal to create relationships with my clients that are meaningful and continuous. I’m proud of that.


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