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Be Authentic

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During some client meetings and consulting sessions this past month, I have had a re-occurring conversation that I thought would be great to share on my blog.

My competitor is successful, I want to copy- but not copy what they are doing.

In life, we’ve all followed the thought of assuming people are better off than ourselves, in whatever way you measure your success. This same thing happens with branding your business. Part of the discovery process includes finding those that you admire, those that you don’t and define why you feel that way. This is something to do with great caution.
I’ll assume you all have the friend on Facebook who puts on a big show about their perfectly full of excitement life for all to see but we know there is more to it than that. They aren’t the ones posting about running late to an important meeting, a casual relaxing Friday night or how messy their home might be from trying to keep up. They are keeping up the show at all times. Brands can do that too.

I pull the reins back every time I hear a business owner in conversation with me about making their business card, their website, their mailer or whatever it may be look just like their competitors… but not to copy it. When I start to ask why, I start hearing assumptions about how successful they are so what they are doing is right. That may be true, but it might not be. Truth is, it takes a well rounded effort to succeed with your marketing being the driver. You’ll need to follow up, check in, close deals, provide supporting information and make sure your content on your marketing materials is turning your audience into a fan club for your brand.

Most importantly, you’ll need to be authentic. Don’t be afraid to be yourself.



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