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Youth Group Identity Makeover

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I recently paired my talents with my church to overhaul the look of their youth program. I am proud that we worked to create an image that represents the the youth group collectively and provides another bridge for everyone to connect.

Here is a look at what we did. We started with a logo design that features bright colors with a reference to a cross in the “t” of the abbreviated church name. Emphasis was added to “you” on the “youth.”

Youth Group Logo Design

There were a few key elements to support the new look that would work really hard for the brand. Overall, this is a pretty shocking change for the Youth Director to manage so our focus was making elements that could be used a lot and with ease.

powerpoint background designDigital background designs: It was important to have some slide designs that could have multiple content uses. Backgrounds with multiple colors were created to be paired with images and text as needed.

blog designBlog Design: WordPress is a great match for the uses and needs of the youth group’s blog. A simple to use and clean design was implemented.

brand launchBrand Launch Graphic: In order to introduce the new look to the youth group, we created imagery to be used through visual expression. An instant look and feel for viewers to relate to.

Image DesignImage Filters: Image filters are quite popular these days so we created image filters that can be applied to photographs.

This is a great example of how careful planning can really make a small amount of branding elements work really hard to create a bigger image and tie things together.


One thought on “Youth Group Identity Makeover

  1. I love this! Perfect youthful rebranding. I bet it gave a lot of life to the website and the cause. This reminds me a little bit of my “Makeover Monday” series – check out my blog to see how I give advice to makeover a business’ Social Media presence – only on

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