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Every business I partner with is an expert in something and they hold a valuable amount of specific information people want to know. What seems like no-brainer information to you might be very interesting to your target market. So how do you share that information? First thought for many is through social media outlets. I agree with that but I also know that the key to marketing is a balance.

My client, HammondKnoll, has a long established reputation for being the go-to cleaners for all things carpet and more. They provide their customers a spot remover solution for maintenance in between cleanings. They also have a great list of how to get specific stains out so we were able to combine these items into a great promotional piece I’d like to share.

This brochure hangs off of the cleaning solution and features information about how to clean your carpets from various stains like soft drinks, wax, lipstick and more. Handy, right?

bottle hang tag design

bottle hang tag

inside brochure

It also features their contact information should you need the help of a professional. I think this is a good example of how print is so valuable when you can use it to enhance a product.

Just for fun, the image below is a close up of the print showing the color dots that form on the paper to create the image our eye sees at a distance.

cmyk print


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