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How Pretty Is Your Contract?

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In life, the little things matter. In your brand, the little things matter too.

I’m continuing my thoughts on developing your brand past your logo. If you missed that post, you can find it here.

I’ve just completed revising and creating a client agreement exclusively for a specific set of clients needing ad design. I took this opportunity to refresh my contract project agreement design which leads to some thoughts I’ll share about designing for the common items of your business.

I should note that I view contracts as an agreement between the client and myself. It is a black and white outline of the project expectations so that it is clear for both sides and it promotes a smooth start for the project. If you are not currently using an agreement in a service based business- start today.

Even something as boring as a contract is an important extension of your brand. For many, this is a missed opportunity to extend your brand to create an impression and demonstrate an expectation. Here are some tips for you to consider:

  • Create a cover page. Take the opportunity to educate the recipient about your business a little bit more along with thank them for the opportunity to provide your services.
  • Take it a step further. Create links to your chosen social media outlets like Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.
  • Create a header and footer design for each page of your contract that compliments your brand. This could be as simple as matching fonts and complimenting colors. That sure beats Times New Roman font in a word doc to send off.
  • Include what they should expect next after they’ve returned your contract. Is there a specific timeline, is there something more the client will need to do in order to get started? Lay it out and set the stage that you are thinking of them every step.
  • Electronic Signature: Consider streamlining your process by using an electronic signature service like Adobe’s EchoSign.

Apply this same care and consideration to all the common items in your business procedures and you’ll quickly see your brand gain some muscle in its appearance.


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