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Have You Thought About Valpak?

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Why be a part of a herd when you can lead yourself?

I just received a Valpak envelope in the mail. My normal routine is to send it straight to the recycle bin. This time, I decided to open it curious about the type of businesses that advertise. I was a bit surprised I will admit with how many businesses were included. I’m sure  that Valpak has the numbers to back up the investment for the advertisers, I’m not advising against Valpak as I haven’t been quoted on their pricing. I believe in what Valpak does as it remains proven that direct mail remains effective.

It made me think that several of those businesses went with this advertising option to possibly:

  • Cast a wider net and hope to bring in customers they wouldn’t normally target
  • Use this service as a part of their marketing mix
  • Continue what they’ve always done because it works

It also made me wonder if these business gave thought to:

  • Comparing the option of sending their own postcard
  • Purchasing a custom list to send a mailing to with clients who align with their business
  • Even though Valpak makes it easy to send out direct mail, once you put a mail process in place it can be just as easy to manage mailings for your company that could return higher performing results.

Many of the participating business are food services and they appeal to a geographic location so it makes a lot of sense. Even then, their advertisement is in a stack of 40 verses a single postcard not sealed inside an envelope we all recognize as junk.

It is possible to send your very own direct mail, ask me how. If you need help designing an advertisement to send through Valpak, I can help.




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