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Amie Baker Creative is a boutique graphic design studio focused on helping businesses and their brands through visual identities, print design and web design.

New Website!

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I took on the journey as self employed with courage and excitement. I have pictured this path in my life before I even knew how to find it. Over 3 years later, I’m still loving it. I’ll admit that there has been many learning curves on the business side of things with contracts, taxes, invoicing- all of those things that an employer used to do for me. Now that my feet are firmly underneath me, I felt it was time to shake things up again to show a clearer version of myself and talent.

I’ve re-branded my business! Hooray!

This isn’t the first time I’ve done this for my business but it is the first time I’ve cracked down on myself and took my business through all the same steps I take my clients through. Previously, it has been a race to fit it in with my client projects and just make it happen. I believe that something is better than nothing. If I waited for things to be perfect, I probably wouldn’t have a strong business today. There comes a time and a place where it becomes necessary to devote the time in order to reach goals that have been set. I needed to make some big changes! With excitement, I introduce to you:

A website dedicated to branding small businesses with my help.


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