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Variable Data For Direct Mail

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For those of you who use Direct Mail as a part of your marketing mixture, have you tried variable data?

What is variable data? Variable data uses information you have on your clients, targets or design elements to create a unique piece for each recipient that speaks to them. For example, the use of their own name in the salutation is a simplified version of variable data.

variable data direct mailThis project I’m featuring combines a few print elements to give this direct mail card an interactive and personal design that is for the recipient. I’ll break it down.

1. This is a half fold card and is the mailing panel. Variable data programming would be used to directly print the name and address from your list directly on the card. Your designer and printer will take care of pairing that up, you just have to supply a clean data list or have your mail house help you purchase one.

2. The inside of the card features a variable salutation. You’ll see how there are brackets that demonstrate where the business name would print in place of the bracket copy. To take this a step further, if your business uses multiple phone numbers, you could also plug in phone numbers according to the location to make sure a local number is represented.

3. On the right side of the half fold, you’ll see a pink card. This card is removable which brings a piece of interactivity into the print. Removable items are a great way to prompt it to be kept a bit longer since it makes it feel of more value verses a cut out coupon. There is variable information on this removable card also. The ability to plug a series of promotional discount codes or business names is something that can be accommodated.

Variable data is a fun way to approach your mailings that may otherwise feel stale. It does take a bit more planning to execute properly and add a bit of time to your final turn time due to the programming that is necessary- but it is worth it!

Contact me to figure out if variable data is a good match for your business. Don’t let it intimidate you, it is easier than it looks.

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