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Content Verses Design? Price Verses Quality?

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Design, content, price and quality are all important when you are creating a marketing piece.

Design is informational. It is meant to be used for visual expression and tell a story through graphics that support a specific message. Design is meant to support a brand and translate a feeling. Design is very important but so is the content since it tells the design where to go.

It seems I work with 2 types of clients. One who knows almost exactly what they need and what they are looking for and the other is in a explorative stage looking to define their needs through a design process to achieve an appropriate design. Both are great clients. One has already done all the research, the other needs a creative direction.

If you are looking for a designer to partner with, this is where you can pick out an experienced designer from one trying to make a quick dollar. You should expect a designer you partner with to learn about your business, learn about your target market, learn who your current customers are and learn where you want to lead your business for growth. This research is so important for the outcome of your design. If you do this hard work up front together, the design will be stronger and better reflect your goal. This also explains why there are so many price points when working with an independent designer, a design firm or a large agency. The same is true for the designers who will turn a logo for $100 or work for $20 per hour. You do pay for that in your quality when you go for a too good to be true price.

I bring this up to remind you to take time yourself or with the designer you work with to outline the goals and objectives of your design needs. This way, you’ll have the best outcome and create a partnership for the next project that comes down the pipes.

Feel free to email anytime with questions about process or research as you plan your project.


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