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Are Your Photos Hurting Your Business?

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I’ve been spending some time this week prospecting. I spend time learning about other industries that interest me and look to make new connections within that industry. My current prospect interest is wine and chocolate. I love these industries because it is packed with passion for the their craft. There is also such design diversity with the labels, the packaging, fonts and many more elements that I just love. During the time I spent visiting several different sites within the industry, I couldn’t help but have my design critique mind tuned in with me.

Some sites I visited had gorgeous photos. These photos pulled you in to make you try and understand what was happening, what part of their process was being documented and I found myself imagining what it might taste like. It all looked delicious. The photos also captured some of the heart and personality of the company. It was a real visual treat to have as part of my experience learning about the companies.

Then, there were sites I’d visit that lacked any desire and personality at all. These sites had so much copy you couldn’t figure out what to read. In turn, this usually means a lower conversion for websites. Business owners don’t want to hear that about their site. There were also sites that had poor quality photos. How do you know if your photos are poor quality?

  • Do your images have appropriate lighting? Too dark, too light?
  • Are your images providing visual information? Do they feature ingredients you use in your product, a part of your process, do they show who the person is behind the business?
  • Can you answer with an honest “yes” that your pictures look professional?
  • Are your images clear, crisp and do not appear pixelated?

These are a few ways you can take an honest look at the images you’ve featured on your site. I understand that many small business can’t afford to hire all the marketing resources needed and many find themselves in DIY mode. If this is you, be hard on yourself and give your outcome a hard critique. The design and visuals you use to represent your business have a very real impact. I encourage you to think of all the visual elements that create your brand as an investment and something you can see an ROI on.

If you need a referral for any marketing resource, email me. I work with many talented people all over and would love to introduce you!

I also offer website critiques. If this is something you are considering, lets get started!


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