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A Look Inside My Toolbox

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Every Entrepreneur has a list of favorite resources that helps keep things in motion. I thought I’d share some of my favorite business resources that make my life easier with you.

1. :: This is a great tool for teams that work together remotely or partially. Deadlines, files, dates and conversations can all be kept tidy in a single project folder for ease of reference when you need it. No more sifting through your inbox!

2. :: I had to throw a social network on my list. While Facebook and Twitter are great, I find so much value in connecting with others who share my passion on It is a great place to go to find all the visual inspiration you can handle. Sometimes to a creative, that is all you need to kick start the next great design concept.

3. :: This site keeps me sane regarding the tax, money, tracking and the not so fun business side of things. This is a great option if you aren’t already participating in a platform like this to check out.

4. Paper! :: I still love paper and pen. I use it daily! Concepts thumbnails, to-do lists, quick reminders, meeting notes, you name it. I find that the electronic options I’ve tested for this just prove to be more time consuming than it is worth.


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