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You Think You Are Helping Your Brand But Are You Hurting It?

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There are so many options to grow your business through marketing. There is no one size fits all and many times it does take a bit of experimenting to find great matches for your business goals. If you take a moment to clarify who your brand is for, it will pay you back greatly in your marketing.

I want to talk to you about things that you might be doing that could actually be hurting your business and not helping even though you have great intentions. If you aren’t doing any of these things, it will make you think twice before implementing them. These do work for some businesses, just not all.

  • Have you browsed Pinterest and found a product you absolutely love only to follow the click through and have all the product information blocked by a huge pop up demanding your email address, plus some, in order to see details? No thanks!
  • Those pesky pop-ups! Let us browse a website for at least 30 seconds before your pop up deploys demanding a commitment. Let your visitors get to know you and those who supply their information willingly will prove to be better listeners when you turn to use that data you’ve collected.
  • Be real. Deceptive doesn’t work and gives people a reason not to trust your marketing efforts.
  • Be strategic with your hashtag use and #don’t #overuse #these #powerful #tools.
  • Websites with sound- unless you have a strong reason to incorporate automatic sound or video, shy away. You don’t want to annoy a visitor by ruining their favorite Pandora station with a surprise distraction.
  • Your family member isn’t a marketing or design expert if they use Publisher or Word.
  • Infographics rock my world. Not ones that make concepts harder to understand though.
  • Email marketing without permission is damaging. Don’t even consider it. Permission based marketing is incredibly powerful. It is gold.

That was quite the rant! All of these things can come from good places in your marketing heart. All of these things can also break your marketing heart.

We can set up a meeting to discuss your current marketing efforts and find out ways that you can better attract your potential customers through ideas that won’t create a negative experience. Just send me an email.

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