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Learn About SEO And Tagging

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Who is Marlon?

Marlon is my genius Web Development Expert and bucket of knowledge for all things web partner! If we build a website together, we’ll get to work with Marlon too.

Owner of Websight Projects, Marlon has a strong skill set for all things web. With your needs in mind and his knowledge of web design combined, your website becomes a valuable tool that creates a stand-out impression to your clients. Along with websites, Marlon is able to create your own Content Management System for you to make changes to your site whenever and where ever you are.

Lets take a look at Marlon’s tips to think past the design and make sure the guts of your site are heating up your ROI results for your website.

You may have heard about “Tagging your website” but what does that mean?


Tagging images with the ALT(alternative) tag tells the search engines what the image is about, so make sure the tag is relevant to the image. This also acts as a replacement should the actual image fail to display properly.

The Title tag is the text that displays when your mouse moves over the image. Make sure that this also relates to the image

Using the tag effectively on images means using the right keywords on the actual tags so that they can work for you in search engines


The old but still good practice:

  • Make sure to use page titles that are relevant specifically to the page
  • Meta Description – Small description of what the page is about

SOCIAL MEDIA TAGS (Search vs. Discoverability):

OpenGraph (from Facebook), Twitter cards, and (for Google+) are also great options of getting noticed. These become effective in a different way. Instead of having the user search for you, you become discoverable in these social networking platforms

If you have specific questions you’d like to ask Marlon, you can send him an email.


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