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The Hardest Lesson Seems To Be…

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As I work with business owners to push their brand out there and create a strong image, something seems to hang many up. Not all, of course but many. The idea of creating a focused message in your marketing outreach is not only hard but scary. You spend hard earned money on your marketing efforts and you hope that they stick, you hope that you get a return on your investment and you hope your audience responds. That is a lot of hope in there. For some, your fears turns into an overpopulated message that reads more confusing than clarifying. For example, if you are a hair salon, your ad focus might be hair cuts but then you add eyebrow waxing, hair coloring, up-do’s, messages about your stylist’s experience, no appointments vs. appointments needed, and anything else you feel might reach one more customer who views your ad.

What happens when you do this is that while you have great intentions, you could be excluding your audience instead of including them by offering a very clear message and something simple to absorb and remember.

So what do you do instead? You could run a series of ads. You should have a marketing budget in place for each month and just because you are advertising in one location doesn’t mean you can’t switch up the ad. I’ll stick to the hair stylist example. Fall is coming and so for many women that means doing something with their sun damaged hair. You could consider running a campaign that only focuses on your hair color expertise and pair it with a complimentary hot oil treatment. The following month you could focus on haircuts only and create a plan that allows you to cycle through your primary services to sustain your business.

Are you in need of help for developing your ad campaign and strategy? I’m here to help and I’m just an email away!


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