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Part 2 :: Holiday Prep

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santaPrompted by questions in my inbox, here is part 2 of prepping for holiday promotions!

The bigger your business, typically the more planning involved for your holiday. The smaller your business, this may be the item on your to-do list that gets moved to the bottom the most. This is why starting early will ensure you will get a promotion you will be proud of together and out the door!

Here are some things for your to consider depending on what your holiday needs are:
  • Consider your resources. If you are going to do a print piece, you need to build in time for your printer. In addition, if this print piece is a step above the norm, for example you will want to use a foil or emboss then your turn time will be extended.
  • If you plan to send holiday cards you will need to get your delivery list in order along with their information for the route your choose- digital or snail mail. Who doesn’t love snail mail, especially in December!
  • Coordinating elements can be tricky. Do you want to send a package with multiple pieces like chocolate, a card, a lovely box, and a custom label? That is a little list to manage right there and keep on track.
  • Do you plan on having a time sensitive holiday promotion? Allow yourself and creative resources to have the timeline needed to develop this for you and be able to implement it.
  • Inventory, don’t forget this important thought!

I hope this helps get you thinking about the steps behind your promotions. I’ve had my hand in many holiday promotions and would be a great resource to help you finalize your plans.


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