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Biggest Noticeable Change For 2014

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My favorite change for this new year isn’t one I planned before January 1, it is one that just happened on January 1 and I am so thankful! I woke up on new year’s day with a rash of emails and after I sifted through them there were only a handful that were meaningful to me or my clients. For some reason, it got to me and I decided to unsubscribe from everything that didn’t bring my business value through newsletters, industry updates or client specific news.

The change I have noticed from this has really felt remarkable. I did find it a bit hard to unsubscribe from certain retail promo emails I’ve signed up for over the years. I felt a fear of missing out on the latest and greatest sale. What I really was missing out on is far more valuable than the latest sale. I got my immediate focus back! I also realized I don’t subscribe to many retail businesses but the frequency in which they send emails was more of the problem.

Now, I receive far less notification pings throughout the day and waiting for me when I wake up. That translates to much less distraction and more time to focus on what matters.

Think about doing the same thing for yourself and see if you feel a sense of relief too.


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