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Website Design :: Before & After

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Liko Website DesignThere comes a time in every website’s lifespan where it is time to update and recharge in order to remain effective and relevant to the ever changing standards of design. This doesn’t mean your current website has always been “bad” or “outdated” it just means that you’ve recognized that you need to improve to become competitive again. Here are some highlights from this tourist website’s before and after:

Before: (Below) The website no longer worked as a responsive website. Meaning, it could only be viewed best on a desktop computer and excluded the use of mobile and tablets. The photographs needed to better tell a story of the experience the adventurers would have.

before_liko After: (Below) The biggest change is that their website is now responsive and works on all screens. With that, came specific design and development needs to make that work. The site leads you through information and a story about your experience as a part of the design’s strategy. It offers icons that specifically draw attention to calls of action. Clicks are reduced due to maximizing smart scrolling.

Thanks to the effort of my always amazing website development partner, Marlon, our client has a fantastic new website for the new year! This website was also created using a content management system (CMS) so that the business is able to update the site whenever they need to, on their own.

Tourism website design


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