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People Judge Books By Their Cover. Truth.

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I’ve always hated that saying. As a designer and branding addict, I know better. People crave things to relate to. We need things to catch our attention and to engage us. We have too many distractions in our daily life for us to be expected to pay attention to mediocre.
This same idea applies to things that we view as dated. I mean, there are entire reality shows dedicated to bringing things up to date like home remodels, what people wear and how businesses run. The danger of having dated design and materials that look cheap represent your business is exactly that. Cheap and out of date. Your competitor is just a click away, don’t make it that easy for your customer to leave once they are at your doorstep only to find your competitor’s brand that looks and feels more comfortable and welcoming of their business.


You can check out a before and after for a client in the wedding industry here: 
princess brides before and after

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