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Marketing Mix

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marketing mix

I met with a client for a consultation and through discussion we found that her marketing wasn’t working as hard for her as she was working to be able to market it. That is a problem. Small business owners need to be able to rely on a healthy mixture of marketing to be able to keep things flowing.

I see these boards at several local coffee spots around my neighborhood with a whole slew of business cards attached to them. Each one begging to be seen, to be taken, and to be successful. My thoughts on this? Add yours if you feel the people visiting these spots are your target market. Add your card if you are there anyways. Certainly don’t spend a day driving around and pinning your cards. That is when you are working harder than your marketing is working.


Creating a good marketing foundation is about the mix.


Review your marketing efforts. Do you cross into social media, website, print, direct mail, ad designs, etc. where appropriate for your business? Don’t focus only on one area. Take time to tend to several and allow them to start working together and working for you.


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