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Holiday Design Crush

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You can ask just about any mom if they love Target and await their excited response followed by filling your ear with why they love it. The same goes for a Graphic Designer who loves Holiday design (me)! It is a treat to browse the holiday designs just to admire designs. So, I decided I would snap pics of my favorite finds to share with you!

Like these simple cards that all use die cut paper, silver and white. The font is the perfect sweet match.


The more playful option with these cute little woodland critters. The illustration style using the straight lines caught my eye. Each card has felt incorporated on it, too!


I’m so in love with this hand lettering phase in our world today. Keep it up!


Craft paper designs usually get me. The days I worked at a printing press they never did seem to quite understand the draw designers automatically have to white ink printing. Obsessed with it, myself. Printers don’t love it 😉


Metallic gold, yes please! Perfect gift tags found. See, there is that craft paper again!


I think something Target does well is including illustrations. This isn’t something I typically go for. I tend to stick to simple, patterns and typography. If illustrations are your thing, you’re covered.


Pinterest anyone? I don’t know how many times I’ve seen something in retail that exploded on Pinterest. Here is one again. Mason jars really do make great gifting containers. They make a lovely design tag pop.

Speaking of Pinterest, you’re welcome to follow me here.


You’ll probably need these if you’ll be hosting an ugly sweater party this year.



My favorite gift wrap theme.



Back for more hand lettering love! Maybe a little Pinterest inspired here?


Thanks for letting me share some of my faves with you. I’d love to see what you find!


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