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“All I Need Is A Great Designer”

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I recently consulted a small business owner who was feeling a bit defeated by their marketing efforts. They told me all they needed was a Graphic Designer with a punch. He wanted to hear his friends and colleagues rave about his business’s designs and for them to gain buzz. He told me, “All I need is a Graphic Designer.”

Some might agree but I strongly disagree. There is a sea full of designers out there who will kick back a design to you and at various price points. These designs could make your family and colleagues smile but what is the point of that? Who cares what they think? (Okay, we do but we shouldn’t put them as number one)

We want to see a response to your marketing efforts from your target market. Those who will be engaging with your business and helping to grow it as you convert them to your customer.

Unless you’ve done the hard part of uncovering your target market, outlined your goal and defined a clear call to action then you won’t be able to feel the love. I’m telling you that great design alone isn’t the answer. It is always a collaboration.

Want to collaborate with me?  I’d love to talk to you about your current road blocks and suggest ways for you to get around them.


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