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Do Fonts Matter?

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You know who is amazing? My four year old! (Bare with me!) We were driving to his preschool and we pass a building not on our normal route but one he has seen time and time again. We were stopped at a light and he says “Mom! Their letters don’t match. Why don’t their letters match?” It took me a second to see what he was looking at and when I spotted it, I was shocked he of all people would notice such a detail. Here is a picture:


The top logo is a different font than the bottom logo. 

He told me he thought one must be old and one must be new and they should fix it. What?! My inner designer smiled at this conversation at a red light.

Don’t you think if a four year old notices something like that then your market would? One might think that plenty of people won’t notice and if they do then they won’t care. This may be true for some but for others? They might see this overlooked detail as a reason to not trust your brand or discount your services over their interpretation of your carelessness.

On the flip side, re-branding is expensive. Especially when signage is involved or vehicle wraps and many other items that would all get in line for an update. If you are in this phase on your business and re-branding then be sure to make a plan on how to implement the change, to budget for it and to roll it out with those things in mind. Make sure you can update your signage all at the same time.


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