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The Last Monday Before Christmas

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monday1It is Monday and it is a Monday before the merriest holiday- ever! That reminds me, the other week I was working at Starbucks for a bit and it was a Thursday. A lady walked in wearing an “I hate Monday” t-shirt. She must really hate Mondays. I hope she has a Merry Christmas and that next year she’ll start embracing Mondays! I don’t mind the first day of the week. It feels refreshing and I get to start a new to-do list no matter how many things are left unchecked on my old one! I start it over and re-focus. I’m addicted to making lists. I know I’m not alone with that either. My four year old loves to write his own list when he sees me going to town. You might be thinking I need to get with it and make it digital. I tried that. I missed the satisfaction of physically crossing things off.
Here is to a week of long holiday lists, fitting the last fill of eggnog in, the last chocolates in the christmas count downs, the last plays of holiday tracks and the last chances to wrap up any 2014 goals you’ve set. New Year’s is going to be here before we know it!

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