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I’ve Been Waiting For You!

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Today is the day I’ve been waiting for. Today is the first real Monday in our new year. To me, that means it is the first week to start chipping away at goals. It is so hard to remain focused once Christmas hits until the new year starts. I know I’m not alone here! With this Monday, I welcome the return of schedules and to-do lists with open arms.

This weekend I received a book I pre-ordered months ago. It is hard for me to read books at this phase in my life. Doing so requires me trading my down time for reading. That might sound odd because most see reading as relaxing. For me, the books I read are mind movers. I figure if I’m spending time to read it better be giving me something in return.

Lara Casey’s new book is just what I needed to read this weekend. When I pre-ordered the book, I didn’t really give it a thought. I just knew that I’ve been following Lara for some time and attended webinars and if she was writing a book, I was going to read it. I had no expectations for this read. However, it gave me a very appropriate dose of inspiration, action and a good reality check to run with as we start fresh. Reading a book was no where on my to-do list in January. However, what a great thing to squeeze in! My mind is very much still processing this book.

I also designed and ordered my little one’s first birthday party invites for next month over the holidays. That year flew by. I’ll be sure and share those invites once I get them out in the mail. No spoilers here!

Tell me what you are ready to tackle this month!


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