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7 Things To Do This Year To Increase Your Brand’s Value

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new year
It is time to climb to your new goals. Make them a little intimidating. Make them a little far fetched. Give yourself a challenge to rise to. Need ideas? Consider your brand and the value it brings to your profits. Here are some things that can hurt your brand this year:


1. Ensure your site is mobile friendly. Mobile web browsing isn’t something your business can afford to ignore. Pay attention to how your market is digesting content. Be there.


2. Make sure your logo doesn’t use one of the top 10 most common fonts. Comic Sans? Times New Roman? You know these by hearing them. You also know when you see Comic Sans and among designers it is a source for many jokes. You may be surprised to realize that your font is actually tied into how you are viewed. By avoiding common fonts, you avoid the assumption that you are starting up or temporary. Even worse, not worth the price you charge.


3. Increase your social proof by participating in social media. Love or hate it, so far it isn’t planning on going anywhere. If you haven’t embraced it yet. Consider it. While you do, join me on Facebook or Instagram or Twitter!


4. Set quarterly goals and review them. If you don’t set goals, you won’t reach them.


5. Grow your email list. Want to know how? Subscribe to my email list and I’ll be sharing some tips on strategy. When you sign up you’ll also get a free branding checklist to evaluate your current marketing efforts and brand.


6. Review your copy. Are you using copy that references dates too far back? Does your website say what it needs to say? Should you hire a copywriter to help you craft the perfect summary?


7. Be open to feedback. Be open to suggestions. The struggle I have in logo development is hearing from a prospect that they know exactly what they want, they just need someone that knows how to execute it. That single statement deprives you from input from a professional that might have a solution for your that you didn’t even know to consider. Food for thought.


Hooray for the New Year! New opportunity!
Share with me your struggles you are tackling this year in the comments!

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