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No Doubt

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I’m fresh off the high of the Seahawk’s win yesterday earning them a ticket straight back to the Super Bowl. (Yippee!) I was lucky enough to be at the game in person and I’m tell you, it was a stressful game to be at! There were all kinds of highs and lows along with attitudes and cheers. Once those last few minutes of the game were behind us and we sealed the deal, the energy in there was amazing. I can’t help but be inspired by Coach Pete and Russell Wilson. The attitude they demonstrate is admirable. I loved how after the game Russell spoke about how there was “no doubt” over and over. Even when it looked like a win was impossible, there was no doubt as he continued to trust in his team. As we know, they proved themselves.

I take this as a reminder how powerful our minds are to the outcome of our tasks at hand. If you don’t have your whole mind in whatever it is you are trying to do, you aren’t going to see the benefits you might otherwise expect. I challenge you this week to really put your mind to achieving something you’ve had on your list far too long. If it is too large of a task to accomplish in a week then I challenge you to take a step. Then, write down all the remaining steps needed in order to check that off your list. I’ve found that sometimes it is hardest just figuring out how to start on something that feels too overwhelming and once you just get started, it starts rolling and you might start wondering why you didn’t start sooner.

Share with me in the comments what you’re going to work on this week!

Sharing a pic from the game! I feel that because I wore my lucky green pants to the game, the power of the 12’s was even stronger!



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