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Actionable Goals and Project Management Subscriptions

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This year, I’ve made a commitment to myself to write monthly actionable goals to obtain each month for my business. As February comes to a close, I’m working on wrapping up one last goal before March arrives and then I’ll start again! I didn’t expect to like this so much. Each month, I write them and wonder how I’ll get them all done among everything else. There is this funny thing that happens when you write things down…they stay on your mind. For me, I keep these written on a sticky note on the inside cover of my planner. I literally look at them every day and even if I am not reading them, they are crossing my mind. I make them happen.

What do I mean by actionable goals?
I’m talking about things that you feel would make your life easier. Things that you know need to happen in your business but you keep putting off for one reason or the other. These things that make you feel less stressed once you know you’ve finished them.
Worth the effort!
  • Have you been meaning to write more content for your business? Write down what you need to do.
  • Looking for a podcast to learn more about your business? Write down a goal to find one.
  • Are you running low on business cards and just need to place that order? Reach out.
  • Have you been meaning to improve your project management? Check out Basecamp or Asana.
Speaking of which, I recently switched from Basecamp to Asana for my project management system because of my February actionable goal and I’m really trying to stay on board and give it a good chance. I’ve heard plenty of positive feedback and I do like the features more than Basecamp. However, Basecamp is familiar and comfortable for me so I’m fighting the urge to head back just for familiarity.
I welcome you to share your comments, and write down some March goals today. No need to be fancy, this sticky note pad is straight from a print vendor I work with 🙂

One thought on “Actionable Goals and Project Management Subscriptions

  1. Nice Sticky Note!!

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