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Ad Spots, Should You Participate?

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I think one of the challenges I often hear from my consultations is how to reach your market, through what channels, and what medium. If you don’t have a plan, you’ll make bad choices. You also open yourself up to making quick and rushed decisions. With ad placement, once you get on a handful of publication’s radars, you’ll start getting materials that might make you feel like you need to participate. The prices is right, the timing of publication is right, you enjoy looking through their stuff so you decide to proceed. You also take the time to make sure you submit a great ad that represents your marketing goals perfectly.

Then you wait.

The ad either works well or it doesn’t meet your expectations. If it flops, you might wonder what happened when you don’t start getting a return. Then, your brain starts turning and suddenly you are thinking with reason. You may realize that even though you enjoy browsing the publication you submitted your ad to, your market likely doesn’t. You may realize that even though it was a great price that the timing was off for your ad’s call to action. You realize that you felt rushed to meet a deadline and so you just submitted an ad you had on hand ready to go and now you are realizing updates that could have been made. Hindsight is painful.

Before you choose to participate with submitting an ad be sure to really review the publication to make it sure it compliments your business. If it obviously does then dig deeper and make sure it is a good fit regionally. Be sure to have a good call to action and strong and professional reflection of your business within your ad.

Stuck on ad design? I’m happy to suggest some ideas to you, shoot me an email.


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