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Moving Complete!


The past month has been tricky to navigate in my world. My family moved homes and I didn’t realize how involved that would be when you move with 2 kids. I still can’t believe how much stuff we accumulated and had to move! Our transition included a 3 week stay with my parents as we waited to close between homes. We finally closed last Friday and the last of the major moving responsibilities will be completed today.

I run on schedules, on to-do lists, on a plan. The last month has had none of that. I’ve been flying at the sake of other’s schedules and needs as we got sucked into the process. Appraiser’s, loan officers, submitting papers, signing papers- the list goes on! (Yes, it was worth it) So, I can’t wait to start a new week next week. To find a new normal, control my schedule again, create a meal plan, get my work outs in, and continue unpacking. I’m coming for you Monday, watch out!

Until then, here is a snapshot of our new home. It is a blank canvas for creative outlets, I can’t wait!



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