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I’ve Been Published In Photoshop User Magazine!

I was so happy to be selected as a featured designer for a column in Photoshop User magazine. This is a national trade magazine and being recognized by my peers and fellow designers in this fashion is quite the honor.

This specific spread is a before and after of a flyer design for a daycare center. Often times clients come to me with designs they’ve been using for years but are now launching their business to the next level and so we partner together to create marketing pieces that promote the best of their business! Common discussions we have when we process leaving the old and branding the new often have to do with removing the clutter, the personal attachment, and allowing space for content to thrive.

Here are some pictures to share of my spread!

graphic designer branding expert published designer amie baker

I’m so honored to have been a part of this, thank you Photoshop User Magazine. Spoiler Alert! I’m being featured again!


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People Judge Books By Their Cover. Truth.

I’ve always hated that saying. As a designer and branding addict, I know better. People crave things to relate to. We need things to catch our attention and to engage us. We have too many distractions in our daily life for us to be expected to pay attention to mediocre.
This same idea applies to things that we view as dated. I mean, there are entire reality shows dedicated to bringing things up to date like home remodels, what people wear and how businesses run. The danger of having dated design and materials that look cheap represent your business is exactly that. Cheap and out of date. Your competitor is just a click away, don’t make it that easy for your customer to leave once they are at your doorstep only to find your competitor’s brand that looks and feels more comfortable and welcoming of their business.


You can check out a before and after for a client in the wedding industry here: 
princess brides before and after

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Website Design :: Before & After

Liko Website DesignThere comes a time in every website’s lifespan where it is time to update and recharge in order to remain effective and relevant to the ever changing standards of design. This doesn’t mean your current website has always been “bad” or “outdated” it just means that you’ve recognized that you need to improve to become competitive again. Here are some highlights from this tourist website’s before and after:

Before: (Below) The website no longer worked as a responsive website. Meaning, it could only be viewed best on a desktop computer and excluded the use of mobile and tablets. The photographs needed to better tell a story of the experience the adventurers would have.

before_liko After: (Below) The biggest change is that their website is now responsive and works on all screens. With that, came specific design and development needs to make that work. The site leads you through information and a story about your experience as a part of the design’s strategy. It offers icons that specifically draw attention to calls of action. Clicks are reduced due to maximizing smart scrolling.

Thanks to the effort of my always amazing website development partner, Marlon, our client has a fantastic new website for the new year! This website was also created using a content management system (CMS) so that the business is able to update the site whenever they need to, on their own.

Tourism website design

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Before and After :: Project Condense

Businesses re-design their packaging, logos, web sites, and brand identity to reflect the changes in their evolving brand and to keep up with constant change of trends, styles, and consumer needs. This happens to be my favorite design challenge. It excites me to take a design that might feel stale, dated or just not hitting the mark and breathe new life into it.

Personally, I’m addicted to viewing before and after’s. The excitement of the transformation gets me every time. I’d like to share a recent project I’ve worked on with MailBoss, an industry leader in secure mailboxes. We started with a re-vamp of their entire packaging line. With that comes the need to update supporting marketing materials. For this before and after I’m featuring their warranty card.

The before pieces include a half fold brochure featuring several products and accessories in effort to drive additional sales. There was also a yellow insert that included information about the product’s warranty.  The before picture is a snapshot from my project wall. I keep a current project wall above my desk for a visual reminder and quick reference to keep project the objective top of mind.

Condensing information is something I often pursue. In this case, we condensed a half fold brochure and secondary insert into one neat postcard sized piece to compliment their new packaging. The consumer will be able to quickly and clearly digest the targeted information on this card that includes warranty information, accessories for their mailbox, care and maintenance along with reaching customer service.