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Amie Baker Creative is a boutique graphic design studio focused on helping businesses and their brands through visual identities, print design and web design.

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Real Estate Branding

Reflecting on this year, some of my favorite projects have been those within the Real Estate industry. I appreciate this market’s understanding and desire for quality design and the impact that quality visuals make. This client is up to some great things in Seattle! We continue to work on designing pieces to support their beautiful brand. Here is a look at some of the pieces we’ve put together.

(Below: Poster, Flyer, Signage, Presentation Folder)

Poster design

flyer design

Sandwich Board Advertising_2

folder design

Fun stuff!

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Do Fonts Matter?

You know who is amazing? My four year old! (Bare with me!) We were driving to his preschool and we pass a building not on our normal route but one he has seen time and time again. We were stopped at a light and he says “Mom! Their letters don’t match. Why don’t their letters match?” It took me a second to see what he was looking at and when I spotted it, I was shocked he of all people would notice such a detail. Here is a picture:


The top logo is a different font than the bottom logo. 

He told me he thought one must be old and one must be new and they should fix it. What?! My inner designer smiled at this conversation at a red light.

Don’t you think if a four year old notices something like that then your market would? One might think that plenty of people won’t notice and if they do then they won’t care. This may be true for some but for others? They might see this overlooked detail as a reason to not trust your brand or discount your services over their interpretation of your carelessness.

On the flip side, re-branding is expensive. Especially when signage is involved or vehicle wraps and many other items that would all get in line for an update. If you are in this phase on your business and re-branding then be sure to make a plan on how to implement the change, to budget for it and to roll it out with those things in mind. Make sure you can update your signage all at the same time.

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“All I Need Is A Great Designer”

I recently consulted a small business owner who was feeling a bit defeated by their marketing efforts. They told me all they needed was a Graphic Designer with a punch. He wanted to hear his friends and colleagues rave about his business’s designs and for them to gain buzz. He told me, “All I need is a Graphic Designer.”

Some might agree but I strongly disagree. There is a sea full of designers out there who will kick back a design to you and at various price points. These designs could make your family and colleagues smile but what is the point of that? Who cares what they think? (Okay, we do but we shouldn’t put them as number one)

We want to see a response to your marketing efforts from your target market. Those who will be engaging with your business and helping to grow it as you convert them to your customer.

Unless you’ve done the hard part of uncovering your target market, outlined your goal and defined a clear call to action then you won’t be able to feel the love. I’m telling you that great design alone isn’t the answer. It is always a collaboration.

Want to collaborate with me?  I’d love to talk to you about your current road blocks and suggest ways for you to get around them.

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Marketing Mix

marketing mix

I met with a client for a consultation and through discussion we found that her marketing wasn’t working as hard for her as she was working to be able to market it. That is a problem. Small business owners need to be able to rely on a healthy mixture of marketing to be able to keep things flowing.

I see these boards at several local coffee spots around my neighborhood with a whole slew of business cards attached to them. Each one begging to be seen, to be taken, and to be successful. My thoughts on this? Add yours if you feel the people visiting these spots are your target market. Add your card if you are there anyways. Certainly don’t spend a day driving around and pinning your cards. That is when you are working harder than your marketing is working.


Creating a good marketing foundation is about the mix.


Review your marketing efforts. Do you cross into social media, website, print, direct mail, ad designs, etc. where appropriate for your business? Don’t focus only on one area. Take time to tend to several and allow them to start working together and working for you.