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I’m back!

image-4   Thumbs up for vacations with palm trees, blue water, a big ol’ boat to chauffeur us around and sunshine! Vacations always remind me that we all need more of them. It is so easy to get swept up in life and all that it takes to keep things in motion around us that it is a reward to let yourself get swept away- just for a moment. I’m happy to report that my husband and I very much enjoyed our vacation and that we are very appreciative to our family who kept our kiddos safe and happy while we went to play! It is also fun to come back to an explosion of all things Christmas in retail. Yup. I’m one of those people. I love the holidays and all the stuff that comes with it! That is why I decided I would make my trips to browse holiday aisles productive. I love holiday designs and I’m going to snap a few shots of my favorite designs to share with you in a coming post. Stay tuned!


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setting sail

I’m heading out today on an adventure! I’ll return November 11th. Normally, I take my laptop with me each trip or vacation but not this time! My husband and I are going on a cruise and since internet and phone service will be hit or miss I figured it is best to leave it behind. Plus it will force me to truly disconnect and recharge my batteries.


I look forward to returning and hitting the ground running. I sincerely love my job and the opportunity I have every day to be creative and help businesses grow!


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Why Not Your Business?

flameAre you an entrepreneur working hard to build your business and waiting for your big break? You’ve got to keep taking steps to grow your business. Think of your business and the areas you wish could be stronger, that you could improve, that your competition excels with and you do not. Outline ways you can change that. Believe in your business’s abilities and yours to achieve just that and start to work on getting the ball rolling.

The common obstacles I hear from the clients I partner with are:

  • I don’t have enough time to dedicate to the branding process.
  • I don’t know what it means to build a brand but I have a logo.
  • The budget doesn’t allow for me to have the things I need for marketing.

These are all very real and very common fears and obstacles that get in the way of success for so many businesses.

I’m here to remind you that your brand is an investment in your business that will pay you back over time.

It is worth the work and effort put into it. Think about your days, every day you make assumptions about new businesses you see and learn about that is based off of nothing besides what you see. The customers you want, are doing the same to you. Do you feel like you are making a great impression?

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Biggest Noticeable Change For 2014

My favorite change for this new year isn’t one I planned before January 1, it is one that just happened on January 1 and I am so thankful! I woke up on new year’s day with a rash of emails and after I sifted through them there were only a handful that were meaningful to me or my clients. For some reason, it got to me and I decided to unsubscribe from everything that didn’t bring my business value through newsletters, industry updates or client specific news.

The change I have noticed from this has really felt remarkable. I did find it a bit hard to unsubscribe from certain retail promo emails I’ve signed up for over the years. I felt a fear of missing out on the latest and greatest sale. What I really was missing out on is far more valuable than the latest sale. I got my immediate focus back! I also realized I don’t subscribe to many retail businesses but the frequency in which they send emails was more of the problem.

Now, I receive far less notification pings throughout the day and waiting for me when I wake up. That translates to much less distraction and more time to focus on what matters.

Think about doing the same thing for yourself and see if you feel a sense of relief too.

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We Made It!

new yearWelcome 2015!

Ya know, I do love the start of a new year. I feel like there are those who love it and hate it. I’ll stick with love. It is really the energy that is fantastic. So many in the world at the same time with the mindset of opportunity, improvement and the will to conquer their world. It is a refreshing change from the rest of year once the fog rolls in. 

I’m starting this year with with goals and milestones lined up. Both personal and professional. This blog is included. I’ll admit, this blog has been a struggle for me. During college, I was a bank teller. Once graduated, I spent time working in an in-house design position. I also enjoyed the years I spent in the most corporate setting I’ve known- a bank’s marketing department. I share that insight because all that corporate time as I grew in my career gave me some transitioning troubles. When I moved into a family-owned business position, I realized how much the corporate world shaped my voice and mindset about being casual within emails, phone calls, or things like a blog. I had to work really hard to not come off so corporate and come off a little more human- as in casual. Opening up a personal window is hard but now that I’ve started I’ve really enjoyed the people I’ve met through social media and this blog. That is one thing on my 2015 list I’ll keep working on.

I’d love to hear what you are looking to learn more about or improve upon this year. Tell me in the comments.

Happy New Year!

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Mentor Love!

I’ve recently realized just how great my mentors are and just how thankful I am for them. I’m always open to mentors in my life and I’m also lucky they even come in the form of friends. There is something special when two people can open up to discuss a common interest and knowledge with a passion. Just a brief reminder to take time this holiday season to thank those who have helped you throughout the year.

If you need help with becoming more successful in life and/or business, my tip is to find a mentor. This person doesn’t even have to be interested in the same field, they have to be interesting to you and interested in you. From there, things will start to connect.