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Why it Works :: Design Crush

I am really enjoying checking my mail box to find all of the holiday direct mail pieces. I will have to admit that I love paper and the printed goods more than the average person. I also tend to respond to direct mail with a purchase more than the emails I receive, but that is just me. We all have people and brands we admire, who influence our thoughts, and that we feel just get things right. I thought it might be fun to give you a look inside my mind and share those that influence me.

Thanks to direct mail, today I’ll share a piece I received from Bath and Body Works. Receiving this piece also confirmed a suspicion I had of a new trend moving forward of pop-ups. This is the second pop-up piece I’ve received this season. The first was from Victoria Secret.

Why I love this piece strategically: A fitting call to action on every page, holiday cheer, creative photography, the coupons are for 2 different dates which extend the life of this mailer’s relevance.

Why I love this piece graphically: The pop up was a great surprise, love the bold stripes, die cut tag coupons, bold colors and graphics with holiday cheer!

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I Love Paper

Paper is powerful. It is often an overlooked detail of a print project. There are many details involved in choosing the right paper. Gloss or no gloss? Textured or smooth? Bright or dull? When I stumbled upon the gorgeous paper options for‘s Luxe business card line, I could hardly wait to send a design to print. After finalizing the fresh new design for my business cards, it was off to the press. I couldn’t be happier with them. They are thick and sturdy with an attention grabbing texture. My favorite part of all is the blue color that is layered in the paper itself. Here are some pictures of my business cards featuring the paper that stole my heart.

High five to these guys for the effort they put into their presentation. It was so fun to open their package and I really enjoyed discovering the extra details they included like seals, ribbons and quote cards. I’ve used other online printers and I can’t say I’ve ever been impressed until now.