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I’ve Been Published In Photoshop User Magazine!

I was so happy to be selected as a featured designer for a column in Photoshop User magazine. This is a national trade magazine and being recognized by my peers and fellow designers in this fashion is quite the honor.

This specific spread is a before and after of a flyer design for a daycare center. Often times clients come to me with designs they’ve been using for years but are now launching their business to the next level and so we partner together to create marketing pieces that promote the best of their business! Common discussions we have when we process leaving the old and branding the new often have to do with removing the clutter, the personal attachment, and allowing space for content to thrive.

Here are some pictures to share of my spread!

graphic designer branding expert published designer amie baker

I’m so honored to have been a part of this, thank you Photoshop User Magazine. Spoiler Alert! I’m being featured again!

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Do You Need A Website Or More Customers?

where to startWhen someone comes to me asking for a website, I know they are really might be asking is for more customers. It is my job to help connect those dots.

There are so many things on a technical list of what you want for your website like a contact form, social media links, or a photo gallery. Have you spent the time thinking about the “why” behind these needs on your list? Why- your customer cares that you are on Facebook, why- your customer cares about your slide show of images. It is a good mindset to have as you plan out your website.

Something I like to know when starting a project is what made you decide to start this project in the first place. If I can understand what happened or what changed in your business to need a new website (we’ll stick with that example, but it could be anything) then I can better design to meet that need. Sometimes it isn’t just for more customers. Sometimes, it has more to do with customers not understanding the width of the product line or services. Sometimes, a project is developed out of the realization of not reflecting the right image.

Whatever the reason, it is so important to discover the “why” in order to make sure the results will be of value for you.


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“All I Need Is A Great Designer”

I recently consulted a small business owner who was feeling a bit defeated by their marketing efforts. They told me all they needed was a Graphic Designer with a punch. He wanted to hear his friends and colleagues rave about his business’s designs and for them to gain buzz. He told me, “All I need is a Graphic Designer.”

Some might agree but I strongly disagree. There is a sea full of designers out there who will kick back a design to you and at various price points. These designs could make your family and colleagues smile but what is the point of that? Who cares what they think? (Okay, we do but we shouldn’t put them as number one)

We want to see a response to your marketing efforts from your target market. Those who will be engaging with your business and helping to grow it as you convert them to your customer.

Unless you’ve done the hard part of uncovering your target market, outlined your goal and defined a clear call to action then you won’t be able to feel the love. I’m telling you that great design alone isn’t the answer. It is always a collaboration.

Want to collaborate with me?  I’d love to talk to you about your current road blocks and suggest ways for you to get around them.

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Are You Ready To Hear Design Criticism About Your Business?

Many times I’ve found myself reviewing existing designs clients will send over before starting a project. In this moment, I’m receiving the design from my client to build off of for a new project. There are times  when I find myself opening the files to review it and once I have it open all I can see is missed opportunity. Honestly, my design mind has moment to panic. I think about how I can make the new project request work within all of the existing materials I know they’ve worked so hard to obtain and create. I know I can create something that will be level with the items they sent me but it won’t do any of us any good.  It won’t sell more for you and it won’t represent my business well. What I really know is that I can create something that will work better. What do I do now?

I feel it is my job as creative to serve up some honest constructive criticism.

I’m always very cautious on how I go about providing my feedback as I don’t want to step on toes. All I’m looking to do is make this black and white and set the personal attachments aside. From there, it is up to my client to make some serious decisions about where they are headed.

I typically will create a mood board that includes the artwork and/or logo sent over and I fill up the board with inspiration for a vision of where it could go. I do this because it is a great way to communicate visual thoughts that otherwise can’t be expressed in words. I include notes regarding strategy, possible action items and an explanation on some of the “why” on the board.

I can tell you that I’ve been able to really open up eyes doing this and it is very effective to help widen your vision. It is also something I really enjoy doing because it involves such creative thinking and sometimes can be quite a fun challenge to shift the direction.

Are you wondering what kind of feedback I can provide you with? Are you curious about where you can strengthen your visual appearance?

I’m offering over 50% off my Brand Exploration service. Today through November 15th, 2014. 

Brand Exploration $175   now  $75

Not sure where you need your brand to head? Let me help you define a direction through development of a mood board. We’ll discuss your business, your target market and your developing brand. Then, I will work to gather inspirational images, fonts, colors, design styles to be used to influence and shape your brand. The idea being that anything we design could be placed within the mood board and it would fit in. The value in doing this ensures your supporting pieces beyond a logo all have the same brand feel.

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