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Do You Know How To Measure Marketing Success?

marketing successHave you ever struggled to know if a campaign has worked for you? Do you struggle to figure out where your clients come from? These are important things to know and define for your business. Here are a few ways you can track your marketing efforts:

  • Google Analytics: Make sure it is installed properly so you are able to track links that you put out into the world and then be able to review their success.
  • Direct Mail: Use a unique URL that you ask recipients to visit to learn more or get special offer. Track that URL to see how many people followed your call to action.
  • Location Based Brochures: Use a specific phone number on the brochure that is only listed on that specific brochure offering, track those calls.
  • Offer Codes: Vary your special offer codes in order to track where the most uses are coming from to help better plan future campaigns.
  • Ask! Sometimes the hardest thing to do is simply ask where they heard about you, your business or your service. After you ask, you might find you can follow up with a referring outlet and thank them for their word of mouth and offer continued incentives for referrals.

Where you are putting your effort, make sure to put your attention into making sure you can track it.


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Client Experience :: Secrets of Print Shops

With my recent move (more here), we’ve had to fill out countless warranty registration cards and mail them in. I filled them all out and let me tell you how frustrating it is to have to fill in the model number or other product specific information on those postcards when I know in my mind they could have done it for me. I’m talking about variable printing. A magical solution to printing a wide range of information within the same exact template. For example, those warranty cards could have been pre-filled in for me and only a couple were. These are the things that challenge my mind with my clients now to find ways I can make their lives easier by the use of print technology that isn’t widely known with small business owners.

In simple terms, it is magic, variable printing lets you control content that prints in one print run with several variances. Imagine having a product line that needs warranty cards returned and having them all come back legible for you and allows you to speed up processing time.

If you have 3 models, traditionally you’ll need to supply 3 print files if you are pre-filling data for each one.  That is 3 projects to manage. 3 email strings. 3 everything. Variable printing allows you to set fields within the design file to supply 1 file. You’ll accompany that file with a date file that holds the key on what to print where. That likely sounds more intimidating than it actually is so don’t let that fool you. You now have 1 project to manage, 1 email string, 1 everything. Your printer will even shrink wrap, pack and label the different versions for you. Even though it will take a bit more time upfront prepping a data file, it will save you so much time overall.

Give me a shout with questions about a project you have interest in for applying variable data and tips on how to make it work for you. Most commonly this process is best paired with direct mail, invitations, fundraiser marketing and sales presentations.

Here is a handy visual to break it down:

variable printing-01-01

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I’ve Been Published In Photoshop User Magazine!

I was so happy to be selected as a featured designer for a column in Photoshop User magazine. This is a national trade magazine and being recognized by my peers and fellow designers in this fashion is quite the honor.

This specific spread is a before and after of a flyer design for a daycare center. Often times clients come to me with designs they’ve been using for years but are now launching their business to the next level and so we partner together to create marketing pieces that promote the best of their business! Common discussions we have when we process leaving the old and branding the new often have to do with removing the clutter, the personal attachment, and allowing space for content to thrive.

Here are some pictures to share of my spread!

graphic designer branding expert published designer amie baker

I’m so honored to have been a part of this, thank you Photoshop User Magazine. Spoiler Alert! I’m being featured again!

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Do You Need A Website Or More Customers?

where to startWhen someone comes to me asking for a website, I know they are really might be asking is for more customers. It is my job to help connect those dots.

There are so many things on a technical list of what you want for your website like a contact form, social media links, or a photo gallery. Have you spent the time thinking about the “why” behind these needs on your list? Why- your customer cares that you are on Facebook, why- your customer cares about your slide show of images. It is a good mindset to have as you plan out your website.

Something I like to know when starting a project is what made you decide to start this project in the first place. If I can understand what happened or what changed in your business to need a new website (we’ll stick with that example, but it could be anything) then I can better design to meet that need. Sometimes it isn’t just for more customers. Sometimes, it has more to do with customers not understanding the width of the product line or services. Sometimes, a project is developed out of the realization of not reflecting the right image.

Whatever the reason, it is so important to discover the “why” in order to make sure the results will be of value for you.


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What I’ve Been Up To :: Project Snapshot

The end of the year is magical for many reasons, the most obvious is the holidays. Business related, it is the drive that comes out in clients to get things done and I love it! This is the the time when most small businesses reflect on what goals were reached for the year and what goals were not. Magically, the determination of that unavoidable deadline of the year’s turn creates a fire under the feet of many.


I’ve been busy working on many great projects, here is snapshot of a few:
project snapshot
New websites are being constructed, designs of dated materials are being updated, logos are being designed,
late holiday promotions are being cranked through, and businesses are making things happen! I’ve also been taking time to make plans for my business in 2014 and set new goals.
With the way 2013 is coming to an end, I have no reason to not be excited for what 2014 holds for my clients and I.


If you’ve been putting off a wish list for your business marketing all year, send me a note and lets see what we can tackle!

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Helpful Tips

Every business I partner with is an expert in something and they hold a valuable amount of specific information people want to know. What seems like no-brainer information to you might be very interesting to your target market. So how do you share that information? First thought for many is through social media outlets. I agree with that but I also know that the key to marketing is a balance.

My client, HammondKnoll, has a long established reputation for being the go-to cleaners for all things carpet and more. They provide their customers a spot remover solution for maintenance in between cleanings. They also have a great list of how to get specific stains out so we were able to combine these items into a great promotional piece I’d like to share.

This brochure hangs off of the cleaning solution and features information about how to clean your carpets from various stains like soft drinks, wax, lipstick and more. Handy, right?

bottle hang tag design

bottle hang tag

inside brochure

It also features their contact information should you need the help of a professional. I think this is a good example of how print is so valuable when you can use it to enhance a product.

Just for fun, the image below is a close up of the print showing the color dots that form on the paper to create the image our eye sees at a distance.

cmyk print

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The Only Thing Consistent Is Variety

I never would have been able to guess that I would work on such a variety of projects, learn about so many different industries and most importantly, truly help businesses profit when I graduated college and entered the industry. I have been designing for 9 years now and the journey has never lacked variety or challenges.

It is what fuels my fire and feeds my passion.

Every week I narrow down my projects I focus on. Recently, I’ve been capturing snapshots of those to communicate the range of projects I help my clients with. I’ve come to really appreciate this as a way to focus on my business and the goals I’ve set for myself.

Variety in Design

Here is a snapshot reflection of projects I’ve worked on recently. This snapshot is what made me open my eyes to the variety that is my business. This captures some window design, installation instructions, logo concepting, photo gallery viewing for a website design and products to create website icons.

It is my goal to create relationships with my clients that are meaningful and continuous. I’m proud of that.