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Your Elevator Speech- Is It Working?

helloWhen someone asks you what you and your business are all about, it can be hard to hold back from dumping a whole lot of passion in that captive ear in the form of a lengthy, possibly confusing summary. This same thing can happen online or even graphically. My recent consults have uncovered that this might be a more common struggle than you may think in business.
I’ll be putting together a worksheet that will force your mind to drill down all that passion into an impactful short summary that represents your business well without providing too many details but allowing the captive audience to understand the entry level knowledge they need before diving deeper.
If this sounds like a struggle you are having, sign up here to be the first to receive this worksheet for free when it is available in your inbox. Coming soon! You’ll also get to grab the branding worksheet that allows you to evaluate how well your current branding efforts are working for you right away.
In the mean time, keep the wheels moving and make today count.